August Newsletter

Happy Lammas!

August gets its name from the Latin adjective, “augustus.” Augustus literally means, ‘might,’ ‘great,’ and ‘magnificent’ – all the traits that people born under the astrology signs of Leo and Virgo display!

Yet, August also ushers in the Neopagan holiday known as Lughnasadh, or Lammas.

Despite that most of us are planning vacations during this month (us too at AHA!), Lammas is honored as the time that kicks off the first of three “harvest periods.” We tend to think that the harvest time is saved for the Thanksgiving holiday here in the U.S., but the Celts thought differently way back when! Gaelic and Celtic folk celebrated September 21 and October 31 as the second and final harvest cycle – almost a month before Thanksgiving!

The first half of August makes for a wonderful time to give thanks for what we planted back on Imbolc, or February 1st. February 1st is known as the “blessing of the seed,” time; where we choose our seeds carefully, and when we nurture and water our seeds (or “ideas”) consistently and steadily. We then patiently wait to see how our “seeds” or manifestations are growing.  Sometimes we become discouraged (late March) or during April through June, we start to see something growing. By July and before the beginning of August, we take stock and ask ourselves:

Does it need some weeding? Do we cut back some branches or flowers to encourage more growth? Or do we pull the root out entirely?

When Lammas approaches, we usually know the answers to the above questions in reference to our “seeds.”  Maybe you were lucky and therefore, will be giving thanks

Remember, you can also give thanks to hard lessons learned or to a change in the path that you might had felt was wrong – too late. Either way, our manifestations come from within and to believe in our “seeds” or wishes, whether they are successful or not is always a reason to give thanks.

It’s also a great time to give thanks to the earth and to pay respect to Gaia. She is the earth mother who nourishes us through the abundance of plants, veggies and grains.  We tend to take things for granted as we no longer live like the Celts – we do not spend all our time harvesting and tending to crops in order to feed ourselves. Yet, Gaia continuously harvests for us, offering nourishment in so many forms. Spend some time thinking about how you could be of service to the Earth.  Industry and intensive farming are destroying the environment as our sacred oceans are becoming filled more and more with plastic bottles and garbage. Just a simple act of recycling could help. Try and incorporate a certain mindfulness about it. How about supporting a local organic farmer by adhering a Farm to Table cycle?  

The thankful receiver bears a plentiful harvest.

William Blake

Some usual rituals to honor the energies of Lammas can be time consuming or a bit difficult – from crafting corn dollies to baking bread. The act of baking bread is to give thanks to what the annual harvest produced.  Of course, up here in the Northern Hemisphere, the thought of baking bread during the hot summer may not seem so appealing! So another way to give thanks is to bring some yellow or orange flowers into the home, as well as lighting a yellow candle anointed with a drop of sunflower oil.

We are still in the middle of Eclipse Season as well as a couple of planetary retrogrades!

Have you been feeling a tremendous shift in attitude lately?

Can you see a connection between what you wished for in February and how it might have manifested now?

Are you finding yourself inspired to start something crazy? New?

In July, we experienced very strong Eclipses that spearheaded an energy that helped us move into great changes. The final Eclipse this season happens on August 11, 2018 at 5:58am EDT. This Solar Eclipse in Leo, is one final shot at “reaching for the stars,” so make sure to do some wish-casting before 6am on this day because very soon after, our energies will be quickly shifting once again as the end nears for many retrograde planets. We will start to feel more balanced, finally!

August is considered ‘getaway’ time as most rush to get in some form of vacation. People tend to dial down, business offices fully enjoy summer hours and the bustle of life tends to stand still – it seems like nothing majorly important is implemented during this time. Because the Mars and Mercury Retrograde during the Leo/Virgo time is upon us, it is not a good time to start or begin anything but it is a great time to plan and organize for it. Leo is the grand dreamer and Virgo is the ‘organizer’ or the one that gets things done. If you are still itching to do something big during August – you must wait.

The last week of August is the best time to implement any big changes; September, even better.

Our Facebook page has received more likes and that means the world to us! So a big “thank you,” goes out to our supporters! AHA will be doing a Sacred Journey in August so be sure to check our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates!

Have a wonderful rest of the Summer and we’ll see you in September.

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