AHA September Newsletter

September arrives and Summer’s carefree and lighthearted energy begins to wane as the deeper energy of Autumn begins.  Already the days grow shorter and the darkness gains prominence as the light begins to ebb.  September is a transitional month and begins a new energy phase.  It hosts the zodiac signs of Virgo and Libra, which represent great energies to use during this time.  Organizing, making detailed plans about health and well-being, finding a balance between what serves and what needs to go as well as tackling indecisions can be achieved with much success during this time. 

As we find ourselves stepping away from the scurry of Eclipses and Retrograde Planets that influenced us over the Summer, we may find ourselves weighing our gains and losses – much like our Ancestors who were harvesting – by separating the good harvest from that which didn’t make the cut. We too, can choose this transition to happen in our lives because we actually have Mother Nature as a strong influence now!

Sap is moving downwards into the earth for trees and plants, making them stronger as their roots grow deeper.  This is root energy time and as the season transitions we too can use this season to go inward and connect with the roots of our very being – and acknowledge our strength and wisdom within.

The pure alchemy of Nature prepping herself to gracefully face death while offering the brightest, most breathtaking colors we see in Fall’s foliage is a reminder – to let go of what needs to be let go and embrace the beauty in release. Yet sometimes, we ourselves do not go through this transition as we continue to make excuses or settling with what we have, even if we are not truly happy or satisfied.

Our primal instincts during this time may shift as well. We may find ourselves wanting to “settle down” a little bit, away from Summer parties and activities. We also may wish to bring those we love closer into our personal circle as we start to plan the rest of the year’s holiday parties and gatherings. Where the Summer months tend to be more outgoing, we are now starting to enter the period of “in” going, so it’s truly important to choose the special people you want around you for the next 6 months and not settle for those that do not make you feel good or support your life.

Mid-month, we celebrate the Autumn Equinox (Saturday, September 22), a supreme time for calling in sturdy balance. Mabon, which begins on Friday, September 21, is the second and next to last Celtic Harvest Festival. Some say it’s the time of the Witches’ Thanksgiving. Neo-Pagan’s celebrate the tale of son Mabon and his mother, Modron.  It is a tale similar to Demeter and Persephone where Mabon was taken from Madron and hidden in the underworld.  Again we have the metaphor of the time of going inward for strength and inner development. 

 We had a chance to visit the Mother’s Well in Cornwall over our Summer vacation.  The Madron Well we visited is also known as the “Modron” Well (Celtic) or Mother’s Well.  People often tie ribbons to trees that surround these healing wells that represent wishes and prayers for healing.


Madron's Well

Madron’s Well – Cornwall UK

How can we use the Virgo and Libra energies for our own healing wishes? Here’s a few ideas:

Virgo governs the nervous system and how the brain communicates with the body, so it is important to be conscious of your inner voice and how it talks to your body.  It also rules the intestines so watch your stress and anxiety and find ways to balance it with some calm and soothing rituals.  Meditation, Reiki, Yoga, long walks, a warm candlelit bath, an earlier bedtime are all great healing modalities.

Libra rules how we hold our body, mind & spirit in balance as well as the lower back area. In some modalities, including Chinese Medicine, the lower back can represent support (or lack of) from family and others as well as how we deal with our finances. If you tend to feel a lower back pain or “pinch,” spend some time reflecting on where you feel you may be lacking in the money department. Are you knee deep in bills? Do you spend money on useless purchases? Are you always finding yourself picking up the bar tab for others?  Use this time to re-set some financial priorities. Learn to say, “no,” or “not this time,” and do not apologize for it. Likewise, for not receiving the support you desire. If you feel overwhelmed because you are helping others get back on their feet but the results just don’t seem to happen in the way you’d wish, spend more time meditating on why you offered your help in the first place and not on the disappointment you may feel about it.

Its all about balancing those Libra scales!  Use those Virgo attributes of analyzing and discrimination to find that level ground. Its important to remember to balance duty and obligation with some merriment and fun!

Simple Equinox Celebration ideas:

Walk mindfully in the woodlands thinking of all you have to be grateful for.  Scatter offerings of seeds or water in gratitude for the earth’s bounty.  Find a tree that calls to you and sit with your back against it.  Consider what you would send down to its roots to gain strength and be nourished through the winter.  Choose a few leaves to bring back an decorate your home.

Plant bulbs which will hide in the earth until early Spring beckons. Make each one a hope, idea or aspiration for Spring and wait until their little green noses show above ground – to remind you.

If we move with the energy of the Wheel of the Year we can stay connected to the natural rhythms of earth’s cycles.  It’s important to recognize our part in working with this energy and appreciate the bounty this harvest yields to us.

Bright Blessings!


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