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Midsummer Missive

Hello Friends,

Happy Midsummer!

How is everyone?  I hope you are all remembering to take care of yourselves and getting outside into nature as often as possible when the weather allows.  Take off your shoes and sink your feet into the lushness of the green grass let your feel touch the earth – get out of your mind and ground yourself.   There is so much coming at us everyday, it can all become very overwhelming so its vital that we take a break from it all for our well being.

Its been months since the last newsletter and the prevailing reason is change.  I’m in the midst of change on many levels and the midsummer theme is the change that occurs at the climax so what better way to unite the newsletter theme and the season!

The Summer Solstice is about culmination and fulfillment.  It’s about reaching the fullness of a situation, goal, theme, project, season and once this occurs, the inevitable change that occurs.  At midsummer nature is at her peak, fields are heavy with produce, the flowers are in full bloom.  Nature has reached attainment.  Once again the Sun has reached its peak, the longest day of the year, and every day forward, little by little, day by day the wheel turns again from the outer expansion to an inner exploration.

It’s not unlike the Wheel of Fortune card in the tarot.  The seasons will continue to wheel, the sun will rise and set, the planets will move in their orbits- with or without us. Our good fortune comes from remaining steady and centered like the axel of a wheel.  If we struggle against the flow of life, we fight against the current and make life more difficult for ourselves, resisting where we are going, trying to control the movement and we become frustrated, making the journey more trying and blocking energy as we constrict the flow.  Should we surrender and accept the flow we can often be surprised by opportunities.

For me personally change is at the core of everything at the moment.  My Tarot card for the year is the Wheel of Fortune.  (You can find your own card by adding your birthday and the year – ex: March 4 is your birthday – 2019 is the year – 3+4++2+0+1+9=19 – your year card is the Sun; if the number exceeds 21 then you reduce it to 1 number.  Total is 24 – you would reduce it to 2+4= 6 which is the Lovers)

My year is about change.  And that change has come on with a bang!  My job, my relationships, even Alchemy Healing Arts itself will be changing. Initially I resisted, I panicked and the energy that I attracted was not resonant at all!  I knew if I said yes to any of it, I would miss the lesson, miss a happier and more joyful opportunity. A decision made from fear is a decision often regretted.   So I re-centered myself on that spinning wheel of fate and have since found calmer waters, in the flow of life and able to make more nuanced, clear and decisive decisions.

Let’s face it change is hard for most people. We need to accept that change is the only constant. My history has caused me to be a bit risk adverse and to seek stability whenever possible.  I’m learning… I’m changing…daily.  When has playing it safe ever brought unexpected joys and surprises?  It is in that uncertain and scary place where magic and wonder live.

When you surrender, when you reconcile yourself to things you cannot change, you set in motion a sequence of events in a whole new direction. We begin to allow… and to open to the energies of new experiences and ideas.

So find Your Flow Magic – the sweet spot between surrender to life as it unfolds and full on engagement participation, then just do the next right thing one step at a time.

Earlier this year I went to Italy and met some amazing women during a travel symposium.  It was an unexpected and meaningful connection.  When you relax and let the magic of universe in, She works for you in ways you could never imagine for yourself.  And it all happened under a Tuscan full moon!

As I mentioned changes will be coming for Alchemy Healing Arts and the plan is to take the energy healing work on the road to places of power.  Imagine reiki attunements and crystal and sound healings at sacred waterfalls and stone circles!  Shifting our energies and opening to a higher vibrational level allows us to co-create with the energies of manifestation.

My reiki teacher Inamoto Sensei was recently in New York City and I recertified my teacher level with him.  I met some fellow reiki master/teachers and we will be planning some reiki shares together.  If you have never been, it is a wonderful experience, you will receive an energy boost from one of the reiki masters and than not only receive reiki from several practitioners at one time, but offer reiki yourself.  It is a wonderful sense of community coming together and sharing.  Stay tuned!

I am also planning on expanding our aromatherapy offerings/healings in the near future and you don’t want to miss that!  Here is a recipe for my Midsummer Magic Myst that I created last summer that works well with the Solar Plexus Chakra – confidence, manifestation, clarity, and self empowerment.

Midsummer Magic Myst

Ginger 4 drops

Bergamot 5 drops

Frankincense. 4 drops

Juniper 3 drops

Geranium 4 drops 

In a clean 2 oz. bottle with spray top (amber or blue tinted to preserve the essential oils)  Swirl to blend essential oils, then fill bottle with distilled water.  Shake well each time before spraying around or on the body to enjoy the refreshing effect.

Keep in the fridge for extra relief from summer heat! Add a small citrine chip to further infuse the energy!

Note: Eyes should be closed when misting the face.

Lastly, no Midsummer’s night celebration would be complete without the mention of the “wee folk” or the fairies.  Midsummer’s Eve is celebration night for the fairies.  If you are out and about keep an eye for the trooping fairies as they parade through the night in places of nature.  Leave a little offering of milk, ginger or libation and ask for their blessings.

I wish you all a wonderful, joyful summer.  Be fulfilled, Be grateful, Be love.

Bright Blessings,