Daily Archives: October 30, 2019

Samhain Greetings



These newsletters have been few and far between of late.  I am in the midst of a transition and trying to figure out what I want Alchemy Healing Arts to be in the future, or even if there will be an AHA.

I entered into this healing realm after becoming a reiki master as I wanted to help people begin to understand energy and how it effects our mind, bodies and spirits.  I was fortunate enough to work for a company willing to be on the cutting edge of offering alternatives to their employees for managing their stress.  I participated in Wellness Fairs, offered energy healing sessions on-site and participated in various lunch and learns for outside companies as well.  I had a good run but now the company culture has changed due to a merger and I have not been motivated or inspired to re-launch and promote a business and I’m not sure if or when I will be. So this may be my last post/newsletter.  I leave it to the Fates and see where my path may lead.

Energy is Everything.  That’s what my website states when you land.  How is your energy?  Are you managing it?  Replenishing as often as you’re giving out?  My check-in said: Heaviness.  Do you all feel the heavy energy or is it just me?  I feel as if there are things coming at me from all sides.  Overwhelmed with media, politics, phones, people, work.  There is so much demand for our attention and our time that is is overwhelming.  We are exhausted and drained of our energy so quickly and rarely take the time to replenish that energy. Zach Galifianakis told a story on a talk show about overhearing 2 young girls talking.  One girl said she took the advice of another friend about ditching her phone and social media and she has never been happier.  Many companies are making money off our addiction to our phones, computers, fear or missing out.  Don’t buy into their hype.  Your happiness does not depend on your wifi or internet connection! Take a sabbatical and recharge you – not your phone.

This is the time of the year where we begin to draw inward, we become reflective.  The Celts saw this time as a period of rest and renewal before a rebirth.  Halloween or Samhain to the Celts is a celebration of our ancestors, a time for divination and portents for the future. It is also the time of year to drift, to dream, to journey inward and vision quest. I urge you to take the time for yourself do this work.

The Goddess that rules this time of year is the Crone.  The Dark Goddess, has been called by many names – Hecate,  Ceridwen, The Cailleach, Kali Ma.  She represents transition and transformation, a bridge from the end of one cycle to the beginning of a new cycle.   She is the unconscious. In many respects, She is the most powerful aspect of the Triple Goddess.  Perhaps this is why she is feared so much.


Demetra George, author of Mysteries of the Dark Moon: The Healing Powers of the Dark Goddess, states:  “The dark goddess of many names was the prophetess and holder of mysteries. She bestowed dreams, visions, and magickal knowledge whereby one could fathom the mysteries of the unknown, and this understanding of secret and hidden things brought power in itself.” 


Energetically, not only is it Samhain/Halloween but Mercury is going retrograde that same night, giving us a real boost to the review, revisit, revise, reorganize, mantra of a retrograde.  Go inward, what do you fear, what do you really fear?  Abandonment? Rejection?  Success? Being alone?  Go deeper, call upon the Dark Goddess for assistance as your dream and vision quest.  In this self reflection, during this inner journey, you may have to make adjustments, face things you would rather bury, let things end.  Remember, in these endings lie new possibilities.  In these endings lie greater wisdom, strength and power.

I leave you with a simple ritual for Samhain.  Get an apple and cut it through the middle exposing the 5 pointed star within.  Each seed within can be seen as a new possibility.  Chew each seed slowly taking in its energy.


Blessings & Much Gratitude for your support.