New Beginnings

Hello Friends,

I hope you are faring well in these surreal times.  I know it’s a long time since I’ve been in touch but in these trying times I think about everyone and also reflect on my business Alchemy Healing Arts (AHA) and how it can be of service to others.  Stress compromises our immune system and we really need to find ways to combat the stress caused in our day to day to keep our immune system strong. For me walking in Prospect Park, reiki and meditation helps but I do have to check myself – and remind myself I have tools to help me manage this and more importantly to use them!

I don’t know about you but personally I’m working through so many feelings it’s hard to wrap my head around it.  From the shadow side there’s anger, loss, frustration, grief, worry, and fear but I also have space, I have the gift of time.  Time for reflection, rejuvenation, time to think and plan, time to reinvent myself, time to remember..time to consider what I desire my life to look like in this new world.  What seems to surface most in this introspection are the questions How can I serve?  How can I contribute to my community?  

Like many others I find myself  unemployed and seeking stability and some sense of security which at this time is nearly impossible.  These circumstances are forcing me to reflect and tap into my creativity and resourcefulness. What can I do? What can I share? What skills can I offer?  I’m trying to find creative and fulfilling ways to give back while doing something I love that is meaningful for myself and others.  And I have some exciting news!

As I begin to reimagine AHA, I seek new ways to offer my service and have come up with ideas that enrich and empower us to move forward from a place of calm and with intention.  Healing the spirit are the first steps toward rediscovery and recovery.  

 I will offer distance energy sessions.  It would work by making an appointment for a  specific time and I will concentrate on you and only you.  First we’ll choose an oracle card for you to meditate upon and then we will connect and I will send reiki.

Tarot consultations via video to support and guide

Now the exciting news, I’ve studied for aromatherapy certification and have created several amazing products to share with you!  When the state mandate is lifted and we resume togetherness,  I will offer custom blended oils to support your personal needs as part of healing sessions.


Enchanted -powdered face cleanser.  Made with powdered rose petals, pomegranate powder and other powders along with an essential oil synergy blend- all of which with anti aging, antioxidant and skin nourishing properties.  Just add a bit of water to make a paste and lovingly massage your face. Self care is the first step to a radiant glow!

Shift Happens –  comes as an aromatic mist or as a portable tube inhaler.  This synergy has the healing properties to calm, sooth and ground you during times of stress and uncertainty.  A much needed support. Just spray or open the tube and take a few deep breaths.  That’s when shift happens!

Below is the price list and info for the services and products I’ve mentioned. Both Enchanted & Shift Happens have been made with supporting astrological & moon energies, and charged with intent, crystals and reiki.  

Distant Sessions w/ Oracle Card – $20

Tarot Sessions – 3 cards 15 minutes – $25

Enchanted face powder cleanser- 1 oz – $30

Shift Happens – $25 – indicate 2 oz Spritz or portable inhaler

Payment by Paypal: or Venmo: @VickiPetrella

Email me, text or call with any questions or for more information. 917-723-5541

We are about to enter Beltane-tide.  Beltane is a pagan holiday celebration of the lushness of life.  It’s main focus is sexual union, sensuality, fertility and fruitfulness.  It’s also about setting the winter behind us, cleansing & purifying ourselves for the coming summer season to lighten our hearts and minds of burdens.  Traditionally two bonfires would be lit then people and livestock would pass through the twin flames with the intention of being purified thereby leaving all negatives and illness behind.   

If you are inclined – On the evening of April 30 or on the night of the May full moon May 6,  I would ask all of you to light yourself a candle or simple little tea light in a bowl and leap over it with the intention of leaving this virus behind us. Visualize our country, our planet  and all its peoples out and about, together with friends and loved ones, laughing, traveling, at concerts, restaurants, outdoor cafes, at beaches.  See our world resonating with joy.

Please stay at home, stay safe and keep the intention this will end soon and we’ll have a very happy and healthy fun in the sun summer.

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