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Vicki Petrella is a Reiki Shihan (in the west referred to as a “Master Teacher.”) She teaches and provides treatments at various locations around New York City and is the in-house Reiki Practitioner at the HBO New York office. She participates in Corporate Wellness promotions, sharing reiki and other forms of stress relief options to busy, overworked professionals.

She is a member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals.

I have always been a healer. Even as a little girl I was always looking for ways to ease someone’s pain, to offer a positive spin on things. I was always tactile, looking to touch or massage to comfort others.

One year I went on a retreat with Starhawk (author and activist on earth based spirituality) and began to realize that magic was nothing more than connecting to the Universal energy available. There is energy all around us that we can tap into and use to assist us in bettering our lives, to manifest happier lives by shifting the energy, by changing the frequency we put out to the world.

My Reiki story began as a complete unbeliever. I thought it was nonsense. I took Reiki 1 because I knew the person giving it and I wanted to use it on horses.

Everything changed after Reiki 1. Unexpected cancer tumors showed up – stagnant energy, unhappy, grieving not letting go energy. One of the tumors even had what appeared like fingers underneath – clutching on to my kidney. It was in the Reiki and energy work I found solace and a place to focus on a more positive outcome. In the end I believe it was the energy work that allowed me to manage my pain through both surgeries without pain medication and only using Tylenol. My recovery was rapid and my doctors can’t tell looking at the scans alone which lung or kidney had surgery. They both look exactly the same as the healthy ones. I look back and see my journey, my life through very different eyes. My training continued through the surgeries and recovery. I have completed all levels in traditional Japanese Reiki and am considered a Shihan or (Master/Teacher). I have also completed Levels 1 & 2 in the Western tradition of William Lee Rand lineage.

Energy work has changed my relationships, the way I look at the world, how I interact, how I take in situations. My way of being in the world. I know a calm, kind, caring inside myself. I see where I’m softening, opening, letting go. I have awakened the divine spark inside me. I have changed my vibrational frequency. And that will continue to grow and evolve through my spiritual path.

I am passionate about Reiki and all energy work – sound healing, crystal healings, travel to sacred sites and energy centers. My wish is to share this gift with others.  So many of our illnesses are from lifestyle, and the biggest factor of our lifestyle is stress. You are worth the 30 minutes to do Reiki, take a yoga class, meditate, walk in nature and breathe deeply.

True peace is found within – to be in the midst of noise, stress, and difficulty and still remain calm in your heart – that is true Peace. You can give that to yourself every day by shifting your energy, by choosing a different frequency, by connecting to the Universal Life Force that is available to you, waiting for you.

Vicki Petrella is a devoted healer and true shaman. I have known her most of my adult life. We first met 20 years ago, both beginning our spiritual journeys that would lead us on similar paths of healing and empowerment. In the 2 decades I have known her, she has grown leaps and bounds, through self-healing, perseverance, research and training, into the wise woman and experienced healer she is today. In her presence I always feel relaxed and cared for. I completely trust her and can always let go easily and let her healing hands do their work. In all honesty, I was never a believer in reiki before I had a session with Vicki. I have known so many people that claimed, after a few classes, to be “Reiki Masters.” I began to not take the healing modality seriously and would turn down anyone offering to do reiki energy work on me…until Vicki had me lie down and close my eyes. What happened in that session was magical and absolutely transformational. I felt a calm that I had not been able to achieve in many months on my own. I also felt clarity of mind that carried through my week. I endorse Alchemy Healing Arts 100% and always look forward to working alongside of Vicki knowing her wisdom and energy are always positive, empowering and authentic!

- DC

“Vicki is an incredible healer. She is professional, welcoming and accommodating – She truly cares about every aspect of her client’s experience”

- EG

“I was so happy to hear that Vicki is a reiki practitioner and I signed up for treatment right away... during my treatments Vicki’s hands become very hot with healing energy and I feel the energy moving through my body. A sense of calm comes over me and I am able to meditate during the session. Needless to say, I feel a wonderful sense of wellness and peace after my treatments.”

- EB

“Because of Vicki’s introduction to energy work, Reiki has become an essential part of recharging my batteries at work. It allows me to refresh my thoughts and the way I approach tasks. I would recommend this to anyone”

- LC

“Vicki, you are clearly gifted and destined to do the work that you do! You have been a blessing in my life – not only as a friend, but also as my Reiki practitioner. This last year has been personally very challenging for me, and during this emotional time, my sessions with you were (and continue to be) a major part of my healing. You have a way of grounding me within seconds of me entering the room – even before the actual session starts. I have tried Reiki with other practitioners, but never experienced visualizations and colors the way I do with you. It’s amazing!

You are always 100% considerate and check in on me throughout the session to see that I’m doing OK or to ask me if I’m interested in trying new things. I feel safe with you and know you have your clients’ best interest at heart at all times. Your peaceful, loving, caring vibe emanates from your very being. You are a gift to me and everyone who knows you!”

- CS

“Vicki always has a calming presence which helps me slow down”

- JM

“Vicki is warm and caring. Her reiki sessions have helped me through some tough emotional times. I always walk away relaxed and clearheaded.”

- FS