>Aromatherapy has many therapeutic benefits and can be used to reduce anxiety, monkey mind, help heal skin irritations, reduce muscle & joint aches and expectorate our lungs to name a few. Our sense of smell relays messages directly to the brain, influencing the physical body, mind and emotions.

Alchemy Aromatics is the new extension of Alchemy Healing Arts. All our products are created with astrological influences to support intention as well as being charged with crystals and energy by a reiki master. We offer custom blended synergy products to support your specific needs and work with you to find essential oils you have an affinity with. All of our scents can be made into the application method that works best for you: aromatic spritz, personal inhaler, salve, diffuser blends, or massage oil, etc.

♥New for Spring – Astrological Synergies!  To support the strengths & weaknesses of each sign♥

Our Signature Scents:

Enchanted -An anti-aging, antioxidant and skin nourishing synergy. Self-care is the first step to a radiant glow! Enchanted is available as a powdered face cleanser (with powdered rose petals, pomegranate powder and other anti-aging powders) & facial serum w/ rose hip and pomegranate oil. Recommended uses: cleanser, facial serum and uplifting spray

Shift Happens -This synergy can calm, soothe and ground during times of stress and uncertainty. Includes the grounding energy of vetiver & relaxing properties of pettigrain & ylang ylang. Just spray, take a few deep breaths and that’s when shift happens!  Recommended uses: spray, personal inhaler, or diffuser blend

The Magician -This refreshing & motivating synergy will energize you and bring the focus and willpower you need for success! Recommended uses: spray, personal inhaler, or diffuser blend

Prana – Vitality, our life force – which comes from deep breathing. This synergy blend includes Pine & Frankincense  Recommended uses: personal inhaler, spray and salve

Forest Walk –The Japanese engage in Forest Bathing to bring a sense of calm, grounding and wonder. This synergy includes cedarwood, spruce and other tree oils.  Recommended uses: personal inhaler, spray or diffuser

Temple – A sacred synergy for meditation, ritual or creating sacred space; includes frankincense & copaiba; Recommended uses: massage oil, spray and diffuser

Enchanted Face Serum – $45
Enchanted Face Powder- $40
Synergy Salve & Diffuser Blends – $35
Synergy Massage Oil – $30
Synergy Aromatic Spritz $25
Synergy Inhaler & Rollerballs- $20