Shift Happens

Here Comes the Sun

  Where to begin?  With something positive.  Yes.  Whatever ladder you find yourself climbing, meaning whatever obstacle or challenge you find yourself facing…I wish you to find a yes at the top of that ladder. Yes, it will be okay, Yes things will change for the better, Yes there are people who will help, Yes something good is on the horizon. Yes you will know peace again.  It is the time of the Summer Solstice – the Sun and nature have reached their peak and the natural world is in total manifestation.  This is a time for individuals to acknowledge and enjoy all we have and to focus our intent on all you wish to be as a person and as a community, a country.

I am very slowly expanding Alchemy Healing Arts and have added Alchemy Aromatics to the mix.  I really enjoy mixing and creating blended oils, not unlike an alchemist.  Similar to crystals, essential oils also have therapeutic properties to enhance healing. Our sense of smell is so strong and directly affects the part of our brain where our emotions live which is why aromatherapy works so well, especially when combined with breath work on stress and emotional upsets.  I offer custom blends to support whatever your emotional or physical needs may be.  I use high quality grade oils and charge the blends with reiki and crystals as well as preparing these synergy blends with astrological correspondences.  These aromatic products are powerfully transformative and made with a focused and loving intent.

I have created two products for the Summer Solstice: Midsummer Magick Myst and Positively Positano salt scrub for your body.  More about aromatherapy and Alchemy’s signature scents here

Midsummer Myst is perfect for hot summer days.  This refreshing summer myst is inspired by the Faery Queen of Midsummer”s Night’s Dream. Its delicate floral and woody scent invokes the magic and beauty of a midsummer night in nature.  Romantic, sensual, this myst will not only refresh your face, space and mind but will revive beauty and magic in yourself and in the world around you. ($30)

Positively Positano salt scrub is an homage to the Sun. A wonderful citrus based fresh scent that brings a vision of an Italian summer evening along the Amalfi coast, perhaps in a sports car?  Bright, refreshing, invigorating and wonderfully moisturizing for sun soaked summer skin. ($25)

Email me for payment details via Paypal or Venmo

I would leave you with this,  despite all the pain, anger, fear, grief and limitation, within it all lies the promise of an opportunity to change, to do things differently, to rise to the occasion, to lift others, to lend a hand, to collaborate, communicate, to be of service, to heal.

To bless is a most ancient way to heal and protect. Just as to curse is to wither and banish, to bless is to help something thrive. It is simply well wishing. We can well wish our family, our friends, our community, our state, our country, water, air, earth, our planet, our food, and to thereby outdo the curse of uncaring-ness. This is as simple as we can get, magically, so it is easy to do and accessible to every.  So Bless well and Bless often.

Bright, Hopeful and Blessed Be

New Beginnings

Hello Friends,

I hope you are faring well in these surreal times.  I know it’s a long time since I’ve been in touch but in these trying times I think about everyone and also reflect on my business Alchemy Healing Arts (AHA) and how it can be of service to others.  Stress compromises our immune system and we really need to find ways to combat the stress caused in our day to day to keep our immune system strong. For me walking in Prospect Park, reiki and meditation helps but I do have to check myself – and remind myself I have tools to help me manage this and more importantly to use them!

I don’t know about you but personally I’m working through so many feelings it’s hard to wrap my head around it.  From the shadow side there’s anger, loss, frustration, grief, worry, and fear but I also have space, I have the gift of time.  Time for reflection, rejuvenation, time to think and plan, time to reinvent myself, time to remember..time to consider what I desire my life to look like in this new world.  What seems to surface most in this introspection are the questions How can I serve?  How can I contribute to my community?  

Like many others I find myself  unemployed and seeking stability and some sense of security which at this time is nearly impossible.  These circumstances are forcing me to reflect and tap into my creativity and resourcefulness. What can I do? What can I share? What skills can I offer?  I’m trying to find creative and fulfilling ways to give back while doing something I love that is meaningful for myself and others.  And I have some exciting news!

As I begin to reimagine AHA, I seek new ways to offer my service and have come up with ideas that enrich and empower us to move forward from a place of calm and with intention.  Healing the spirit are the first steps toward rediscovery and recovery.  

 I will offer distance energy sessions.  It would work by making an appointment for a  specific time and I will concentrate on you and only you.  First we’ll choose an oracle card for you to meditate upon and then we will connect and I will send reiki.

Tarot consultations via video to support and guide

Now the exciting news, I’ve studied for aromatherapy certification and have created several amazing products to share with you!  When the state mandate is lifted and we resume togetherness,  I will offer custom blended oils to support your personal needs as part of healing sessions.


Enchanted -powdered face cleanser.  Made with powdered rose petals, pomegranate powder and other powders along with an essential oil synergy blend- all of which with anti aging, antioxidant and skin nourishing properties.  Just add a bit of water to make a paste and lovingly massage your face. Self care is the first step to a radiant glow!

Shift Happens –  comes as an aromatic mist or as a portable tube inhaler.  This synergy has the healing properties to calm, sooth and ground you during times of stress and uncertainty.  A much needed support. Just spray or open the tube and take a few deep breaths.  That’s when shift happens!

Below is the price list and info for the services and products I’ve mentioned. Both Enchanted & Shift Happens have been made with supporting astrological & moon energies, and charged with intent, crystals and reiki.  

Distant Sessions w/ Oracle Card – $20

Tarot Sessions – 3 cards 15 minutes – $25

Enchanted face powder cleanser- 1 oz – $30

Shift Happens – $25 – indicate 2 oz Spritz or portable inhaler

Payment by Paypal: or Venmo: @VickiPetrella

Email me, text or call with any questions or for more information. 917-723-5541

We are about to enter Beltane-tide.  Beltane is a pagan holiday celebration of the lushness of life.  It’s main focus is sexual union, sensuality, fertility and fruitfulness.  It’s also about setting the winter behind us, cleansing & purifying ourselves for the coming summer season to lighten our hearts and minds of burdens.  Traditionally two bonfires would be lit then people and livestock would pass through the twin flames with the intention of being purified thereby leaving all negatives and illness behind.   

If you are inclined – On the evening of April 30 or on the night of the May full moon May 6,  I would ask all of you to light yourself a candle or simple little tea light in a bowl and leap over it with the intention of leaving this virus behind us. Visualize our country, our planet  and all its peoples out and about, together with friends and loved ones, laughing, traveling, at concerts, restaurants, outdoor cafes, at beaches.  See our world resonating with joy.

Please stay at home, stay safe and keep the intention this will end soon and we’ll have a very happy and healthy fun in the sun summer.

Samhain Greetings



These newsletters have been few and far between of late.  I am in the midst of a transition and trying to figure out what I want Alchemy Healing Arts to be in the future, or even if there will be an AHA.

I entered into this healing realm after becoming a reiki master as I wanted to help people begin to understand energy and how it effects our mind, bodies and spirits.  I was fortunate enough to work for a company willing to be on the cutting edge of offering alternatives to their employees for managing their stress.  I participated in Wellness Fairs, offered energy healing sessions on-site and participated in various lunch and learns for outside companies as well.  I had a good run but now the company culture has changed due to a merger and I have not been motivated or inspired to re-launch and promote a business and I’m not sure if or when I will be. So this may be my last post/newsletter.  I leave it to the Fates and see where my path may lead.

Energy is Everything.  That’s what my website states when you land.  How is your energy?  Are you managing it?  Replenishing as often as you’re giving out?  My check-in said: Heaviness.  Do you all feel the heavy energy or is it just me?  I feel as if there are things coming at me from all sides.  Overwhelmed with media, politics, phones, people, work.  There is so much demand for our attention and our time that is is overwhelming.  We are exhausted and drained of our energy so quickly and rarely take the time to replenish that energy. Zach Galifianakis told a story on a talk show about overhearing 2 young girls talking.  One girl said she took the advice of another friend about ditching her phone and social media and she has never been happier.  Many companies are making money off our addiction to our phones, computers, fear or missing out.  Don’t buy into their hype.  Your happiness does not depend on your wifi or internet connection! Take a sabbatical and recharge you – not your phone.

This is the time of the year where we begin to draw inward, we become reflective.  The Celts saw this time as a period of rest and renewal before a rebirth.  Halloween or Samhain to the Celts is a celebration of our ancestors, a time for divination and portents for the future. It is also the time of year to drift, to dream, to journey inward and vision quest. I urge you to take the time for yourself do this work.

The Goddess that rules this time of year is the Crone.  The Dark Goddess, has been called by many names – Hecate,  Ceridwen, The Cailleach, Kali Ma.  She represents transition and transformation, a bridge from the end of one cycle to the beginning of a new cycle.   She is the unconscious. In many respects, She is the most powerful aspect of the Triple Goddess.  Perhaps this is why she is feared so much.


Demetra George, author of Mysteries of the Dark Moon: The Healing Powers of the Dark Goddess, states:  “The dark goddess of many names was the prophetess and holder of mysteries. She bestowed dreams, visions, and magickal knowledge whereby one could fathom the mysteries of the unknown, and this understanding of secret and hidden things brought power in itself.” 


Energetically, not only is it Samhain/Halloween but Mercury is going retrograde that same night, giving us a real boost to the review, revisit, revise, reorganize, mantra of a retrograde.  Go inward, what do you fear, what do you really fear?  Abandonment? Rejection?  Success? Being alone?  Go deeper, call upon the Dark Goddess for assistance as your dream and vision quest.  In this self reflection, during this inner journey, you may have to make adjustments, face things you would rather bury, let things end.  Remember, in these endings lie new possibilities.  In these endings lie greater wisdom, strength and power.

I leave you with a simple ritual for Samhain.  Get an apple and cut it through the middle exposing the 5 pointed star within.  Each seed within can be seen as a new possibility.  Chew each seed slowly taking in its energy.


Blessings & Much Gratitude for your support.


Midsummer Missive

Hello Friends,

Happy Midsummer!

How is everyone?  I hope you are all remembering to take care of yourselves and getting outside into nature as often as possible when the weather allows.  Take off your shoes and sink your feet into the lushness of the green grass let your feel touch the earth – get out of your mind and ground yourself.   There is so much coming at us everyday, it can all become very overwhelming so its vital that we take a break from it all for our well being.

Its been months since the last newsletter and the prevailing reason is change.  I’m in the midst of change on many levels and the midsummer theme is the change that occurs at the climax so what better way to unite the newsletter theme and the season!

The Summer Solstice is about culmination and fulfillment.  It’s about reaching the fullness of a situation, goal, theme, project, season and once this occurs, the inevitable change that occurs.  At midsummer nature is at her peak, fields are heavy with produce, the flowers are in full bloom.  Nature has reached attainment.  Once again the Sun has reached its peak, the longest day of the year, and every day forward, little by little, day by day the wheel turns again from the outer expansion to an inner exploration.

It’s not unlike the Wheel of Fortune card in the tarot.  The seasons will continue to wheel, the sun will rise and set, the planets will move in their orbits- with or without us. Our good fortune comes from remaining steady and centered like the axel of a wheel.  If we struggle against the flow of life, we fight against the current and make life more difficult for ourselves, resisting where we are going, trying to control the movement and we become frustrated, making the journey more trying and blocking energy as we constrict the flow.  Should we surrender and accept the flow we can often be surprised by opportunities.

For me personally change is at the core of everything at the moment.  My Tarot card for the year is the Wheel of Fortune.  (You can find your own card by adding your birthday and the year – ex: March 4 is your birthday – 2019 is the year – 3+4++2+0+1+9=19 – your year card is the Sun; if the number exceeds 21 then you reduce it to 1 number.  Total is 24 – you would reduce it to 2+4= 6 which is the Lovers)

My year is about change.  And that change has come on with a bang!  My job, my relationships, even Alchemy Healing Arts itself will be changing. Initially I resisted, I panicked and the energy that I attracted was not resonant at all!  I knew if I said yes to any of it, I would miss the lesson, miss a happier and more joyful opportunity. A decision made from fear is a decision often regretted.   So I re-centered myself on that spinning wheel of fate and have since found calmer waters, in the flow of life and able to make more nuanced, clear and decisive decisions.

Let’s face it change is hard for most people. We need to accept that change is the only constant. My history has caused me to be a bit risk adverse and to seek stability whenever possible.  I’m learning… I’m changing…daily.  When has playing it safe ever brought unexpected joys and surprises?  It is in that uncertain and scary place where magic and wonder live.

When you surrender, when you reconcile yourself to things you cannot change, you set in motion a sequence of events in a whole new direction. We begin to allow… and to open to the energies of new experiences and ideas.

So find Your Flow Magic – the sweet spot between surrender to life as it unfolds and full on engagement participation, then just do the next right thing one step at a time.

Earlier this year I went to Italy and met some amazing women during a travel symposium.  It was an unexpected and meaningful connection.  When you relax and let the magic of universe in, She works for you in ways you could never imagine for yourself.  And it all happened under a Tuscan full moon!

As I mentioned changes will be coming for Alchemy Healing Arts and the plan is to take the energy healing work on the road to places of power.  Imagine reiki attunements and crystal and sound healings at sacred waterfalls and stone circles!  Shifting our energies and opening to a higher vibrational level allows us to co-create with the energies of manifestation.

My reiki teacher Inamoto Sensei was recently in New York City and I recertified my teacher level with him.  I met some fellow reiki master/teachers and we will be planning some reiki shares together.  If you have never been, it is a wonderful experience, you will receive an energy boost from one of the reiki masters and than not only receive reiki from several practitioners at one time, but offer reiki yourself.  It is a wonderful sense of community coming together and sharing.  Stay tuned!

I am also planning on expanding our aromatherapy offerings/healings in the near future and you don’t want to miss that!  Here is a recipe for my Midsummer Magic Myst that I created last summer that works well with the Solar Plexus Chakra – confidence, manifestation, clarity, and self empowerment.

Midsummer Magic Myst

Ginger 4 drops

Bergamot 5 drops

Frankincense. 4 drops

Juniper 3 drops

Geranium 4 drops 

In a clean 2 oz. bottle with spray top (amber or blue tinted to preserve the essential oils)  Swirl to blend essential oils, then fill bottle with distilled water.  Shake well each time before spraying around or on the body to enjoy the refreshing effect.

Keep in the fridge for extra relief from summer heat! Add a small citrine chip to further infuse the energy!

Note: Eyes should be closed when misting the face.

Lastly, no Midsummer’s night celebration would be complete without the mention of the “wee folk” or the fairies.  Midsummer’s Eve is celebration night for the fairies.  If you are out and about keep an eye for the trooping fairies as they parade through the night in places of nature.  Leave a little offering of milk, ginger or libation and ask for their blessings.

I wish you all a wonderful, joyful summer.  Be fulfilled, Be grateful, Be love.

Bright Blessings,