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Alchemy Spirit Journeys is your source to restore, regroup, re-imagine and reclaim your true and best self through the transformative power of sacred travel. Travel with intention to be open - to be surprised– marvel again at synchronicity at work around you.

Alchemy Spirit Journeys creates opportunities of personal discovery through connecting with the sacred landscape. Our tours take you to natural energy places -healing springs, holy wells, enchanted forests and fairy glens offering the guidance, support and tools necessary to awaken and nourish your soul, expand your mind and energize your body and spirit. Experience the transformative energies of the sacred sites, and the alchemy that happens from within.

The tours feel magical and significant because we are touching the energy pattern that is the life force itself and connecting to it through nature and pilgrimage in a way that our ancestors once did.

Attunements and supportive energy work will be offered in some of the sacred sites and you will have the opportunity to have energy sessions along the way to help balance and assimilate the energies working through you.

Our ancestors placed sacred sites around the world on vortex points called "conductivity discontinuities". At these places the geomagnetic field of the earth interacts with the telluric currents (the magnetic flow across the face of the earth). And when the two intersect, there is a certain concentrated electromagnetic field which influences the body's own energy field. This is what stimulates our states of consciousness when we're at these sacred sites. It can improve your ability to get out of the left-brain and into the right-brain - the more intuitive side.

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Our tours are specifically designed to follow the ley lines or “dragon lines” of the earth, the ancient pathways and pilgrim trails. We stop at the key places where lines converge and the energy center is of a high vibrational level. Sacred sites are like lightning rods, conducting universal energy to the earth. Here we join together in our own sacred circles to do energy work for people and the planet using Reiki, ritual, crystals, and sound. There is no rushing about, we have all the time we need to relax and connect to the spirit and energy of the landscape-to become one with its natural rhythms. By partnering with local tour guides we can offer the special attention that comes from years of experience. We visit the best of these sites, places off the beaten paths with knowledgeable hosts and authors.


Jamie George the owner of Gothic Image Tours in Glastonbury has been organizing tours for over 30 years and was the leader in the field of sacred travel, leading international groups around the sacred sites Britain and Ireland.

Jamie’s life path started in Scotland, led him to London during the “swinging 60’s” where he worked for the BBC for a time. He began to explore his interests and studied with the Order of Druids, Ovates and Bards.

He became a Chief Bard through his studies and settled in Glastonbury where he began his true life’s work, sharing the healing and spiritual energies of the sacred landscapes. Jamie has a vast knowledge of the history, the landscape, myths and legends of the land and sites and as a Chief Bard is well suited to sharing the folklore of the ancient sites. He is a superb tour organizer with years of experience taking in every detail and consideration to create an environment where you feel safe, supported and free to open and surrender to the energies working through you. He is intuitive and understands the transformational power of the sights and steps back to allow you the space for a personal connection without being invasive.

Jamie was instrumental in assisting Marion Zimmer Bradley research and create the very vivid landscapes in the award winning books The Mists of Avalon. Jamie has collaborated with many of the great thinkers and philosophers of our time including John Mitchell and John O’Donohue and has appeared in many documentaries surrounding the legends of King Arthur and the Holy Grail.

His warmth, support, kindness and wisdom are invaluable on these tours. Jamie also runs the Gothic Image Bookstore and with his partner Frances Howard Gordon they run the publishing arm of Gothic Image releasing many books including the Sacred Traveler series – Sacred Scotland, Sacred England and Fairy Sites.

I have traveled with Jamie on these tours repeatedly since 2002 and not once was I disappointed. Each tour was a gift – a transformative experience – luminous-numinous-magical. Life affirming and Life changing.

We invite you to bring your questing heart and come on a journey of discovery and wonder to places that invigorate and inspire your inner spirit.


July 5 through July 17, 2016

Come join us for an astoundingly breathtaking journey through the magic and wonder that is Scotland, an adventure of the soul.

Scotland is a land steeped in legend and history. We spend time in the unspoilt, off the beaten track, heather strewn, enchanted islands of the West – The Hebrides and in the North – the islands of Orkney. We will visit enchanted waterfalls and fairy glens and stand within the stone circles of powerful alignments.

The bewitching magic in Scotland is palpable. Experience sunrises and sunsets over magical islands with seascape vistas and the sounds of crashing ocean wave amidst the ancient mysterious stones of Callanish.

At Callanish we will be met by Margaret Curtis the fore leading expert on the mysteries of the these stone circles which are thought to pre-date Stonehenge and are believed to be a lunar calendar vs Stonehenge’s solar calendar.

Explore the wild, untamed romantic beauty that inspired the Outlander books and TV series. Visit the deep hidden, glens and hills of Rob Roy fame and the Highlander, and the mysteries of Rosslyn Chapel highlighted in The Da Vinci Code which is often referred to as a “book in stone”, full of arcane symbolism and myths.
What mysteries of your own will you discover?
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Along the way, we will visit charming villages with quaint pubs and tea rooms, so there will be plenty of time for retail therapy! And we will say our farewells on the bonnie banks of Loch Lomond.

Some of the highlights on this tour:
  • Ancient village of Skara Brae
  • The Ring of Brodgar stone circle
  • The Stones of Stennes
  • The rune-decorated mound Maes Howe
  • The Fairy Glen at Rosmarkie
  • 12th Century Tulloch Castle
  • Callanish, on the Isle of Harris
  • Dunvegan Castle
  • The Abbey at Iona
  • Clava Cairns
  • Lock Lomond

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October 6 through October 14, 2021

Wales is a magical land of hills, mountains, valleys and coasts, green and magical.

Wales isn't big and grand – its wee corners and crannies are what is special about it. It's a green, watery country - its rivers, coastline and periodic soft rains are unforgettable. The rugged mountains of Snowdonia and the green hills of South and Mid-Wales have been peopled for millennia, and mythologies of giants, dragons, druids, saints and magical characters are woven into their fabric - and even their place-names.

This is the land of the Mabinogion, the ancient mystical saga of the Welsh people, of Merlin the Sage, of cromlechs, stone circles, holy wells, waterfalls and many secret and magic places.

The tour visits majestic Snowdonia and the Druid isle of Anglesey in the north-west of Wales, and the misty Preseli mountains.

The Preseli mountains are the very stones that built the temple of Stonehenge, where our journey together will end with private access to the temple.

Some of the highlights on this tour:
  • Betws-y-Coed close to the mountains of Snowdonia. Here we visit the enchanted Fairy Glen, with its multiple waterfalls
  • Isle of Anglesey, called Mona by the Druids
  • Dinas Emrys, an ancient stonghold where Merlin revealed two fighting dragons to King Vortigern
  • Merlin\'s resting place at Beddgelert
  • Porthmadog where we visit the fascinating Italianate village of Portmeirion, the setting for the famous television thriller The Prisoner
  • Pentre Ifan – once called Arthur’s Quoit
  • Carmarthen, or Caerfyrddin, the City of Merlin
  • Maen Cetty or Arthur\'s Stone
  • Pont y Pridd, \'Bridge of Bridgit\', where we visit the Rocking Stone and stone circle at Carreg Sligo
  • At Trelleck we visit the mighty standing stones and enchanted holy well
  • Tintern Abbey in the beautiful Wye Valley
  • Stonehenge, with private access to the stones